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“Trieste mia” a popular song in dialect by Teddy Reno goes something like this….Trieste mia, che nostalgia mi gò lontan de ti, girà gò el mondo de cima a fondo, ma penso sempre a ti (my Trieste, how I miss you now that I am far away, I have been around the world but always think of you). The same is true for me and perhaps for a few others who came on the 2018 Trieste Tour with Max and me in September. Our inaugural tour….. it was very special. It was a very full six-days/five-nights with lots of fun, food, wine and new experiences. Ten lovely guests and I could not have asked for a more easy-going eager group of people; friendships were forged, email addresses exchanged and at the end we were a little bit sad to be saying goodbye to each other but also to Trieste.

There were hundreds of photos taken (well thousands if you count the fact that everyone took photos, a LOT of them), and only a few of them can be in this post. I hope they inspire you to join us on our NEXT Trieste Tour (date TBA). A few things have changed from the 2018 tour, with the addition of a boat trip to the mussel farms on the Gulf of Trieste, and an extended walking food tour in Trieste, adding a few delicious stops as we explore the town. Feedback from the participants of this tour highlighted how much they enjoyed getting to know the small producers, hearing their stories and understanding their passion; in other words, why they do what they do. It was a memorable trip; not many of those who heard producers Matej, Fabrizio and Gioacchino and local experts Vesna and Massimo will easily forget the stories they told.

The weather was stunning – apart from a little bit of “Bora” (the alpine wind that occasionally blows in this part of the Adriatic), and our days were spent in the town of Trieste, on the water, in the Carso (the hills surrounding Trieste) or just over the border into coastal Slovenia. We ate a lot of cured meats from free range pigs (the local prosciutto is amazing), cheeses, wines and balanced out all this savoury goodness with cakes, which are influenced by both Slovenia and Austria. We tasted olive oil, had breakfast in several historic cafes, learnt about the origins of gin and what makes a good coffee (Trieste is the home of Illy after all and was the first place in Europe for the arrival of coffee beans).

If you would like to find out more about tours in Trieste, please click here. Please feel free to email me via the contact form at the bottom of the post if you have any questions. I would love to share Trieste and its traditions with the world especially with you, dear blog readers! And so would local foodie expert, film-maker and Trieste resident Max Milič, who helps me run the tour.

In the meantime, have a scroll through the photos to see a fraction of what we enjoyed this past September. And if you are on Instagram, go to my page and have a look at the stories I posted under “Trieste Tour”; there you will see lots more photos and some videos taken during our 2018 tour. And as Max taught us to say (as the locals do), viva!


Thank you to all the wonderful producers who were (and continue to be) part of the tour; and to all the lovely participants who made my job so easy: Yury, Katia, Judy, Joan, Rosa, Jenny, Marnie, Amanda, Karen and Grazziano. I am so happy to have met you all and have spent a week in Trieste with you.

Paola X

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