Thank you for visiting my site. I am Paola (though I generally get called Paula) and my family is Italian – mamma is from the Veneto region and my father was from the Istrian peninsula (these days divided between Italy, Slovenia and Croatia). I live in Melbourne, Australia. My love of Italy and its food is part of the journey I am taking to embrace the growing, making and sharing of food through the culture that my parents gave me. Eating and sharing food go hand in hand. Our memories of food are often linked to places, people, events and feelings. I share stories about the food I cook and its memories.

I return to Italy every year to explore the food and culture, visiting friends and spending time with my extended family, sharing meals, talking and hearing stories of days long gone. I love sharing these visits through the photos that you will see in my blog posts and on my social media feeds. I have also started running food tours in Trieste and Puglia. My mother is from a tiny town on the outskirts of Treviso and she is my greatest food inspiration.

I have written and photographed an 85-recipe cookbook called Italian street food, through Smith Street Books that was published in November 2016 – more details on my cookbook page. My second cookbook, ADRIATICO, inspired by the food and people of the Adriatic cost of Italy was published in September 2018.

I would love for you to be inspired to explore your own memories of food and family; I hope you enjoy reading my stories, looking at my photos and cooking the simple Italian food that I love.